“It’s Nice to Meet You: Singles Collection” is streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp, and more!

Within the roaring guitars and heavy beats of Social Cinema’s latest EP is an undeniable, unabating free-spiritedness.– Atwood Magazine

“The band hones in on their previous experiences of being a part of the Midwest’s underground music scene yet infusing poignant indie-pop hooks. Flourishing with those newly engraved sensibilities, the band has found themselves being free to soar to new heights within their EP Get Along, out via Midtopia.” – Ghettoblaster

“Much like the predecessor, Repeat literally fits up to the title. This band has a very premeditated, experience soaked, and successful formula that continues to work extremely well, and the sophomore release nestles perfectly against the last. Social Cinema is a powerful collaborative force of five musicians that have nothing but strong momentum and a bright future ahead of them. Great record.” – PUNKNEWS.ORG

“This band is incredibly smart, and I look forward to more from Social Cinema. Causing Scenes is the type of release you find from veteran songwriters that know exactly what they want after years of different approaches, a desire to create music concert-goers can dance to, and a high level of trust in both their collective musicianship and album production. Super fun EP.” -PUNKNEWS.ORG

“It’s Nice to Meet You: Singles Collection”